Upper Hounds

United Kingdom

We Are Who We Are

Welcome to the Upper Hounds a designer dog brand created by two friends with a love of Dogs, fashion and sustainability.

Cofounders Julie Lingard & Sandy Wainwright and have spent their lives both working in the fashion industy. Julie with her own brand AQ/AQ and Sandy being a fashion consultant to numerous well known luxury clothing brands.

From the Catwalk to the Kennels

Sandy and Julie enjoyed a great working relationship for over a decade. Fast forward to 2020 and lockdown occurred, out of that terrible time we both quickly realised that fashion didn’t trickle down into the love of dog accessories. There was nothing on the market that was design-led, well-made and at an accessible price point. That’s when The Upper Hounds was born; From a love of Fashion, Fun & Fur babies. 

“Most people who love their dogs, want their furry friends to look as well put together as they are. The Upper Hounds ensures that our proud pooches look as pristine and proper as they should.”


Canine collaborations

Sandy and Julie had the idea to open a designer Dog Brand with a difference one with a sustainable commitment, The Upper Hounds is proud to say that all our products are designed and produced in the UK in small runs to help reduce wastage and uphold their sustainability ethos.

THE UPPER HOUNDS GROUP was launched using Sandy’s expansive knowledge of production, development and garment technology and Julie’s design skills, they worked closely to create a collection that was not only fun and fashion forward but also affordable. 

“we want to work collaboratively, not only designing and development but also collaborating with other British brands that would normally be outside the reach of the average dog brand, design lead, design focused, we would love to work with any fun brands so please reach out to us & let’s make something special together.”


We welcome meeting new collaborators and bringing a little magic into the fashion dog world, our garments are always fashion forward, functional and fun.

If this sounds like your brand get in touch below if you would like to collaborate.

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